What is the HGV


The Historic Green VIllage is one of only 100 developments worldwide that have achieved the highest possible green building standard - Platinum LEED, plus Net Zero Energy.



Come browse our awesome stores. Buy beautiful jewelry and gifts, homemade cakes and pastries, island treasures, local art and crafts, and rent bikes and golf carts! Or just relax and unwind on the deck and enjoy a freshly made deli treat from the General Store!

Watch the Development: TV Gallery


It took a lot of planning and understanding to enable us to achieve the accreditation's that we have, which started as early as 2009.

With a great deal of creativity and a great team of experts, the site was fully operational by July 2012.

What we learn and how we adapt the site accordingly, continues on a daily basis as you will see from the measurement section we have on this website.

As we built the Historic Green Village, we captured so much on film and here in our TV Gallery present a series of short clips that share our learnings, our experiences and adventures, and introduce you to some of the key people that were involved, from engineers, construction workers and historical and energy experts.

Lizzie Vann - Owner

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Meet Lizzie Vann, the visionary green entrepreneur who built the Historic Green Village.

A Hidden Paradise


With temperature of 84 /26 degrees and 361 days of sunshine per year, you’d be forgiven for thinking such as place doesn’t exist. But it does. Welcome to Anna Maria Island..!

How to find us


Take a look at this map of and see where we are located, along Pine Avenue, the modest 'main' street of Anna Maria City.

Where to stay


We also own 8 unique island rentals on Anna Maria Island, under the Pineapplefish name. Personally developed to capture their own unique personality and wonderful locations.